Derry Group Ireland is committed to investing in the most up to date technological advances with sustainability a key component of our vision. Our industry is energy driven but we are determined to make investments that are environmentally sound whilst still allowing us to function as efficiently as we do.


Our Scania fleet of trucks are fitted with the latest Euro 6 Engines.

Use of latest R452 refrigerant gas in our refrigerated trailers which is a lower global warming potential HFO refrigerant blend.

Garage is fitted with rolling road and shaker plates which any week suspension components. Identifying at an early stage saves unnecessary damage to roadways.

Our on-site driver trainer educates our drivers on how to get the best out of their truck with minimal effort by showing them the different driving modes within the truck leading to a safer and stress free drive and maximum fuel efficiency.

Cyclical re-investment in brand new fuel efficient vehicles.

Tyres are sold back to our supplier and recycled as construction materials, landscaping mulch, floor mats and crafts.

Introduction of Mercedes electric company cars which means zero emissions. Mercedes EQ cars also use technology such as regenerative braking and pre-entry climate control to save energy and therefore driving range, which benefits the driver and the environment.

Installation of on-site EV chargers.


Cold storage units powered by industry leading CO2, all temperature controlled with a built in 24 hour monitoring system. This is one of a kind on the island of Ireland.

Installation of large PVC strip curtains at all entrances to maintain consistent temperatures and reduce demand on electric

All lights are LED and fitted with motion sensors and timers

All freezer compartments have been installed with high-speed, thermally insulated open/close doors, thus reducing temperature loss and energy consumption

On-site generator installed to reduce electricity consumption

Rainwater harvesting on site to reduce consumption


Effective vehicle tracking- planning for economical and eco-friendly routes.

Motion sensor LED lighting throughout the offices.

Recycling of pallets, cardboard and plastics.

Our Third Party Logistics process

Derry Group Ireland are a provider of a range of distribution, storage transport and fulfilment services to customers throughout the island of Ireland.

Our customers entrust us to fulfil the end-to-end management of their specific services becoming a vital part of their supply chain.


Ensuring that we keep your goods safe, we have a number of world leading accreditations that meet very high standards.